Stuck For Vlog Ideas? Part 2!

One of the most prominent obstacles prevalent throughout the entirety of the modern video blogging community is the consistent development of relevant and workable ideas.

There are a wide range of topics to base your vlogs on.

There are a wide range of topics to base your vlogs on.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in order to keep up some kind of momentum in relation to views and channel traffic; your audience must be in frequent (if not constant) supply of high quality and engaging videos.

Doing this should be a task far from difficult for those amongst us who are fully committed to the prosperity of our respective vlogging careers were it not for one fact: good ideas are hard to come by. Furthermore, good ideas are hard to develop, create and translate in an effective and appropriate way.

As a result of such strife, I’ve decided to take a look into some of the common trends current to the UK video blogging community in an effort to give you lot some inspiration.

I’ve tried to make this as a general as I can and you’d benefit greatly from making further attempt to dilute the ideas themselves into something unique to your channel and its own defining concepts.

Cover An Event!

Let’s say you blog frequently (or predominantly) on comic books. Whether old ones, new ones, originals or reissues (can you tell I know absolutely nothing about comic books?), should you happen to love all that stuff so much that you decide you’ll head to this year’s Comic-con- then take your camera, pest your crew- and make a video out of your trip.

Maybe not the most out there example, but you get my idea.

Covering an event not only acts to immerse your channel content deep into the concept upon which it’s built, but  gives you huge potential for the gaining of new viewers once the finished product is online.

Furthermore, the journalistic feeling you’ll gain from it, whether filming what you get up to and talking about it yourself or even interviewing notable figures within the field; will help to improve confidence and self-identity. YOU ARE A LEGITIMATE BLOGGER REGARDLESS OF (CURRENT) VIEWS!

Have A Rant!

If there’s a topic which seems to be causing a disruption in your respective community, or even if it just to annoys you to the extent you’d like to record and post a rant about it- go ahead.

As long as you don’t get too carried away, by which I mean causing mass offence of any kind, a rant could be an excellent option for a filler video should you be busy working on more intricate ideas elsewhere.

Pro tips for the rant include to keep it 100% topical and no longer than a couple of minutes in length.

Oh, and don’t it too often either- rants already rank as one of the most popular formats for video blogs.

Interview Someone

Though it can seem a daunting prospect for anyone without any journalism experience, or for that matter out of practice journalists, conducting an interview with a prominent figure in your area can be an extremely worthwhile move.

Providing that you keep talking points relevant to the interests of your audience, you can hardly go wrong.

The minimal amount of shots required makes editing an interview a simple task, and the plugging capability of both parties will ensure a healthy amount of views for the clip.

The most difficult part about this option is the logistical arrangement. Contacting your interviewee and arranging a suitable place to conduct the meeting are typically time consuming- however forward planning can eliminate any potential for complication.

Right, those should keep you ticking for a while, but if want even more inspiration, check out more ideas here.

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