Take a chance on JacksGap with 5 minutes of your life!

JacksGap…JacksGap….five minutes of your life you may not want back. Actually you maybe willing to part with even more than five minutes of life to keep up with the exploits of the JacksGap stars.

There’s no cats in funny outfits or mishaps where grandma trips down the stairs in these videos. It’s all about Jack and Finn, and their daily lives, with a big dose of creativity, a relatively high production value, and a few adventures along the way.

Ok, so those aren’t exactly the lyrics of the song sung by the cheeky twins on their explosively popular YouTube channel – it’s more like; Jack’s Gap, Jack’s Gap, Five Minutes of Your Life That You Won’t Get Back – but I think anyone who takes five minutes to view one of these clever vlogs isn’t likely to feel as if those five minutes were time wasted.

After embracing just a few of the JacksGap uploads, it’s no surprise that the twins have taken the world of YouTube and social media by storm.

Watching a JacksGap video makes you want to instantly quit your job or leave school, pack your belongings and head out into the world to travel and explore. After a few seconds, viewers are likely to start feeling that infectious sort of adventure that has propelled the twins into internet stardom. You find yourself not only watching the witty banter between the two, or singing along to the catchy tunes, but you also find yourself daydreaming about what it would be like to have your own gap year.

Of course, that might not be feasible for everyone, particularly those of us with daily responsibilities that don’t allow for spontaneous travel, but watching these creative and innovative videos will make you feel as if you’re having your own gap year.

There’s a sense of enthusiasm that you can’t help but experience as you watch one of these incredibly clever videos.


JacksGap provide creative and innovative videos which interact and engage with their audience. [Image JacksGap]

With the feeling of adventure and excitement that these two internet stars project, it’s no wonder their popularity has grown exponentially in recent months. In fact, with one million YouTube subscribers, these two have clearly turned their unique videos into a lucrative business.

In addition to a devoted YouTube fan base, these vloggers have also created quite an impressive social media following, and frequently incorporate the use of social media into their videos to engage the audience. In their recently uploaded Finn’s Revenge video the internet stars invite fans and followers to submit their own version of their catchy JacksGap theme song.

As part of their recent video, Finn's Revenge, JacksGap have asked viewers to send in renditions of their channel theme tune.

As part of their recent video, Finn’s Revenge, JacksGap have asked viewers to send in renditions of their channel theme tune. [Image JacksGap]

There’s no cats in funny outfits or mishaps where grandma trips down the stairs in these videos. It’s all about Jack and Finn, and their daily lives, with a big dose of creativity, a relatively high production value, and a few adventures along the way.

With JacksGap, it’s not simply about sitting in a dark room and recording thoughts in hopes that someone out there in the internet world will see them—it’s about vlogging and entertaining the audience, which is probably in large part responsible for the success of their vlogs.

We all know YouTube is flooded with millions of videos, but it takes a particular spark to create the type of videos that build a loyal fan base, and that’s just what JacksGap have done. They’ve created a world that allows viewers a glimpse of their personal lives, but also the opportunity to experience the adventure of what a gap year looks like—when done the right way.

In addition to the traditional vlogging format of speaking to the camera in a simple, straightforward way, the boys of JacksGap also use their own creativity, and interest in film creation and production to add to their videos. From action scenes to scenes of hijinks involving a nontraditional twist on bungee jumping, these guys know how to entertain. Of course each video is like a diary of their lives, particularly Jack’s life, but the videos are much more and show a true passion for the art they’re creating.

It's evident Jack and Finn have a passion and skill for film making

It’s evident that Jack and Finn have a true passion for film making which is reflected by their high quality filming and editing techniques. [Image JacksGap]

Alongside providing fans with a great dose of adventure, the personal interaction between the brothers gives these videos a unique twist. They play off each other with their banter, and although they’re seemingly just giving the audience a glimpse into their personal lives, they possess a certain comedic genius, in their timing and interaction, that is undeniably infectious.

When you watch a JacksGap video, you get the feeling you’re being let in on a secret—a secret that only you and millions of other viewers know about.

The filming, the adventures and the attitudes are reminiscent of two young people who’ve discovered they have the house to themselves. It’s as if Jack and Finn have finally had the opportunity to ignore parental guidance, and the constraints of school and traditional childhood, and make the rules for themselves. The results are highly entertaining. Even if you’re a parent, or old enough to be a parent yourself, you find yourself transported to the world of first freedoms—enjoying every moment of making your own rules for the first time. Watching a JacksGap video gives you that sense of new-found independence that you likely haven’t experienced, or in some cases, you won’t experience until you’re as old as the brothers.

What started as a typical video diary has been transformed too much more. These videos show the creativity and business savvy that is rare in young people, but a sense of youthful enthusiasm that seems as if it will never be extinguished. Do yourself a favor, and spend five minutes of your day watching a JacksGap video—that five minutes will likely be enough to transform you into a true fan, and you’ll join the millions of other viewers that have found themselves captivated by the world of Jack and his brother. You’ll quickly understand why these two have achieved not only worldwide online status, but have also quickly established themselves as a real force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive world of vlogging and the creation of internet videos.

Whether you’re young or old, these videos speak to the audience’s sense of an inner youthfulness, and let you escape to that world, if only for five minutes.

JacksGap in Action

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