When life hands you lemons…create a vlog

Video blogging—maybe you’re a passive observer, where you enjoy watching videos but you haven’t taken the plunge to start your own, or maybe you’re an experienced vlogger, contemplating just how much of your life and your personal story you should share on your vlog.

Either way, it’s likely that you’ve gone through a difficult situation in your life. We’ve all faced struggles, but in the world of video blogs, we’re all given a unique opportunity to choose to share our struggles with the world.

There’s no doubt about it—it can be terrifying to tell your story, particularly when it’s a highly personal or difficult story to tell, but despite the intimidation factor, a video blog focusing on a difficult journey or struggle can be one of the most compelling vlogs to watch.

Should you share your story?

Regardless of what’s happening in your life, whether it’s a struggle to lose weight, or difficulties with a mental illness, you may find it arduous to decide whether or not it’s something you should share with the world.

After all, what if you’re just leaving yourself open to humiliation or ridicule?

Despite the worries that come along with sharing a personal and difficult story, often, once vloggers get started it becomes therapeutic. By logging onto YouTube and uploading what amounts to a regular video diary, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to have an outlet and a voice that you might not otherwise have.

A lot of video bloggers report that sharing their story with the world allows them to go through whatever their journey may be, a lot easier.  When facing a difficult situation, it’s always worth trying something new to find relief, comfort or healing.

Who will care what you have to say?

Sharing your story on a video blog can be a great form of therapy for you, but it’s also beneficial for the people who are sharing in the journey with you. For people facing similar situations, it can bring solace to join a favorite vlogger on a regular basis and share their struggles, and feel that you have something in common.

The use of video blogs gives people the unique opportunity to connect with other people, in a meaningful way, that you might not ever have the opportunity to otherwise meet or interact with, making it an amazing opportunity.

You’re not only going to build relationships and possibly help someone in the process, but when you vlog about a tough situation, it’s also a great way to remain relevant in the blogging world, and build your audience. Video bloggers that speak from the heart, and share their story are often regarded as the best, and their sincerity can earn them a place in the vlogging spotlight.

By sharing your struggles, you’re going to connect with your audience in a way you might not otherwise have the opportunity to do, and in the process it’s likely that you’ll gain a much larger and more loyal following to share your journey with.

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