4 must have mobile apps for vloggers

With a growing popularity, video blogging has become a popular tool to communicate to mass audience online.

And while more vloggers are into capturing their special moments and sharing it immediately on social media platforms, a certain rise in the demand of video blogging apps for mobile devices has been very noticeable.

If you are one of those vloggers who enjoys immediately posting video contents after capturing them from your Smartphone or tablets, then here are a list of the best mobile apps for vlogging that will add color and effect to your content.

iSuper8: $1.99.

Made for iOS devices, iSuper8 is a camera recording app that adds old school, vintage effect on your video. Developed by MEA Mobile, it also features professional Grade Tru9 processing, Geo-tagged sharing powered by Snapr, compression option for sharing, AirPlay support, and customizable film stock. The iSuper8 app records at 360p / 480p / 720p² / 1080p². You can watch MEA Mobile’s video demonstration below, all shot using the app.

VidTrim Pro: $3.80.

A special video editor made for Android devices only. VidTrim Pro allows you to trim, frame grab, add filters and effects, and extract audio and convert to MP3 or MP4. This also allows them to share their edited file with their friends through email and social media pages including YouTube. VidTrim Pro’s video effects includes black and white, glow, pixilated, edge detect, swapUV and more.

Lapse It Pro: $1.99.

Lapse It Pro is an award-winning mobile app that captures time lapse clips with your Android camera. It has been featured in the hit TV show, “The Gadget Show.” Some of its unique features include the ability to add sound tracks, creative UI improving visual and usability, stop motion mode, customized frame rate, video trimmer, reverse time option, and flip clips in any direction. This full featured app also allows you to use your front facing camera and place the camera in silent mode as your record.

CinemaFX: $1.99.

Do you need a quick filter retouch on your video? Developed by Nexvio Inc., CinemaFX offers you 55 creative effects to add on your video. It also presents you a side by side preview of the edited and original content. CinemaFX file has a multiple export resolutions of up to 640×480 on iPhone 3GS and 720p on iPhone 4 and above. You can also purchase additional packs to add more effects on your choices such a Toycam, Cinematic and Vintage.

Note: Although most of the apps that we will present here will be available for iPhone, editing videos on Smartphone is easier done in wider screen like the 5-inch display of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4.

Don’t limit yourself on bedroom video blogging and take your mobile device outside. Edit while away from your PC using the apps presented above and share it immediately with the touch of a finger.

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