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5 Foodie Vlogs You Won’t Want to Miss

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If there’s one thing that people just can’t get enough of these days, it’s definitely entertaining food-related videos… and if there’s one social media pursuit that lends itself perfectly to cooking, eating, or even simply talking about food, it’s vlogging. The following YouTube vlogs are foodie sensations by engaging web personalities that you won’t want to miss!

1. Emmy Made In Japan

Emmy is an American girl living in Japan who not only captures food how-to’s and recipe executions on video, but also makes videos that feature her trying tasty treats from around the world sent to her by fans.


2. Epic Meal Time

The guys from Epic Meal Time take extreme eating to a whole new level with crazy concoctions like this over-the-top fast food lasagna in a way reminiscent of MTV’s classic Jackass.


3. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

Doing their own unique spoof of the popular Epic Meal Time YouTube show, this group of Swedish friends teach viewers how to cook Swedish specialties with videos like this one that show you how to make a Swedish sandwich cake… Viking style.


4. Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking

It’s as fun and quirky as it sounds – a regular, average Joe teaching you how to cook great vegan meals from his own kitchen… but in a unique way that’s sure to leave you laughing.


5.  My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart originally started her YouTube channel as a way to keep in touch with a homesick friend, but now she’s a YouTube sensation thanks to her sense of humor and hilarious drunken kitchen antics.


Of course, these are only a few of the many innovative, talented foodie vloggers on YouTube, but they certainly prove as a collective that foodie videos don’t have to strictly instructional. Check them out!


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