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YouTuber Spotlight: Marcus Butler – An Appreciation of YouTube’s Funniest Vlogger

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For those of you who’ve never heard of Marcus Butler, he operates a popular YouTube channel centering on the thoughts, observations, and antics of his life.

What makes Marcus’s vlogs so much fun to watch and so surprisingly engaging is the utter lack of pretentiousness and staging.

Hilariously outspoken, Marcus, the host of the eponymous channel, comes off as a good natured, jovial person with a strong connection to the world around him. Unlike most videos published by vloggers of his generation, Marcus offers genuinely interesting content, performed in a unique and interesting style. While Marcus may appear charmingly innocent at times, his pithy and accurate observations on life mark him as being a thoughtful and insightful person.

Ranging in subject matter from harebrained antics to comic discussions of gender differences and parenting gaffes, Marcus’s vlogs are entertaining without being obnoxious. With a razor sharp wit and an appealing humility, Butler lampoons every stratum of society and the mechanics of social interaction, without resorting to the type of vitriol that can easily render such observations offensive.

Possessing the ability to laugh at himself as equally as anyone else, Marcus creates vlogs that are appealing because they are easily relatable. Proving that he is finely attuned to the thoughts and experiences of his generation, he deals with a variety of subjects with a light nonchalance that perhaps masks the truly perceptive nature of his observations.

Marcus refers to the fact that most of his viewership is female in some of his vlogs. This does not stop him from discussing his perspective on girls in a forthright and perhaps occasionally unflattering way.

Part 2 of Marcus’s mini Vlog series ‘Things I don’t understand about girls’

It is hard to take any of his comments in a truly negative light, as many of his female fans prove in their enthusiastic responses to his posts. In fact, one of the most fascinating aspects of this vlog is the obvious ability Marcus has to inspire in-depth discussions with his videos.

Marcus’s vlogs also veer towards the comically absurd with many videos dedicated to the performance of impressions and accents. While a few of these are made even funnier by the perennially amusing addition of helium, the majority are just videos of guys having a good time.

Marcus goes the extra mile to add comic value to his videos.

What makes them so much fun to watch and so surprisingly engaging is the utter lack of pretentiousness and staging. What Marcus offers his viewers is a portrayal of guys who have the integrity and confidence to simply be themselves, a refreshing alternative in this era of micro managed, tightly directed videos that try too hard to be current and trendy.

Marcus Butler’s vlogs are also refreshing in terms of the amount of collaboration between himself and his fellow vloggers. His easy rapport with his guests lends a natural dynamic to these videos and the results are often ridiculously funny. The generosity with which he shares his vlog space with his friends and plugs their sites only renders the character of Marcus Butler more appealing.

Marcus keeps his vlog fresh by participating in frequent collaborations with other YouTubers.

Marcus’s vlog postings are in essence a record of the thoughts and more outrageous antics of a young man who is making his way through life. While the nature of his observations and the scope of his experiences will naturally evolve over time, there is no doubt that his unassailable comic genius will ensure his position as a mainstay in the vlogging world.

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